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Novel restaurateurs often believe that preventing salmonella and disinfecting counters is the be-all and end-all of restaurant sanitation. Successful and experienced food entrepreneurs, on the other hand, know the importance of keeping an eye out for grease interceptors and the FOGS (fats, oils, grease, and solids) hidden beneath. They understand the importance of using a grease trap interceptor pumping service.

What are grease interceptors?

Grease interceptors are small, air-vented tanks used to trap grease, oils, and fat produced while cooking or dish washing. Depending on the size, they are placed beneath the sink or underground. The grease and oils are separated from the general water coming down the drain, held temporarily, and provide us with an opportunity for safe disposal.

Why are grease interceptors important?

Nearly all tasks performed in a commercial kitchen produce FOGS. Home kitchens usually produce only minimal amounts of oil, and the task of collecting it falls onto each homeowner or landlord – and it is in their best interest to ensure pipes and water supply remain free-flowing and clean.

In commercial kitchens, the amounts of food solids, oils, and fat generated can quickly become an environmental hazard. Should they clog the pipes or leak into the general water supply, these contaminants can pollute large amounts of water and potentially wreak havoc across an entire neighborhood. This is why the City of Houston keeps tight controls on the quality and upkeep of grease interceptors in commercial and licensed kitchens all around town.

How are grease interceptors maintained?

The key to keeping well-functioning, law-abiding grease interceptors in your commercial kitchen is to periodically pump them until they are fully emptied, and then immediately wash and sanitize them.

Grease interceptor pumping is usually done with large, powerful engines that can move the dense residues quickly; after all, the goal here is to disrupt kitchen schedules as little as possible.

Since grease interceptors rely on internal pipes and irregular shapes to “catch” the denser FOGs while still letting water flow, cleaning them can be a complex and precision-oriented task. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the amount of food it produces, you may need to do this more or less frequently. In this industry, pumping schedules usually run anywhere between twice a year to every three to four weeks. The key is to ensure this always gets done before the tank fills up over a quarter of its full capacity. This ensures water continues to flow but successfully traps the majority of FOGS going through it.

Who should handle my grease interceptor pumping?

Grease interceptor pumping sounds, at first glance, like the kind of easy routine task that can quickly be delegated to anyone who needs to complete a couple of hours of overtime.

This is a tricky train of thought; grease interceptors are expensive to install and repair, and if they overflow or get clogged, the fines imposed by the City may be even higher.

In order to complete this task efficiently, you will need someone who:

  • Knows how to operate an industrial pump safely
  • Is trained in high-pressured water handling
  • Is fully certified and has a good insurance policy – for himself and your equipment!
  • Knows what sort of mistakes the City Health Inspectors will be looking for!

Keep in mind that pumping an interceptor clean is not the end of the gig. Any FOGS collected will need to be disposed of in accordance with all environmental regulations, rather than simply tossed at the nearest landfill. According to the law, you – the restaurant owner – are responsible for ensuring it is recycled or eliminated properly. Don’t delegate this task to new, untrained, irresponsible cleaners!

The Houston, Texas, Grease Trap and Interceptor Services Company has spent well over five years dealing with the ins and outs of grease pumping and disposal. Just call 713-893-1995 or fill out our contact form and learn what makes us different.



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