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Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Houston

Vital for both hygiene and for the privilege of keeping your license, grease trap cleaning never stops being important just because it’s common. Grease traps are designed as small filters that catch the FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and food Solids) produced by commercial cooking, preventing them from clogging sewage pipes and protecting the general water system from oil contamination.

Because of the potential impact of a poorly maintained grease trap, it’s no surprise that the City of Houston keeps such a close eye on them. Ensuring they are safe and working properly is one of the minimum requirements for any cafeteria, diner, or caterer in the city. In addition to this, they also need to be emptied and deep-cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent overflowing. Also, full of warmth and food, the old, solidified FOGS left there provide an ideal nest for bacteria, fungi, and other forms of toxic life to thrive.

Any restaurant owner who is thinking long-term ought to have a reliable and thorough grease trap cleaner on their quick contact list. However, emergency services rarely cut it anymore: the gold standard will always be to abide by a regular maintenance schedule.

How often must you clean the grease trap?

Grease trap cleaning is a complex operation that requires the use of pumps and hydro-jets, as well as restricted access to your kitchen. Because of this, restaurant owners naturally want to face such distress as little as possible.

While grease traps need to be cleaned regularly, it’s impossible to design this schedule with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Depending on the following factors, you may need monthly visits or just twice-a-year cleaning and pumping sessions:

  • The size of the trap and its attached tank
  • The type of food you serve
  • The building structure
  • The number of people you serve per hour
  • Your hours of operation

Houston Grease Trap and Interceptor Services strive to adapt its own cleaning schedule to yours. Do you run a 24/7 eatery? We can come during your slowest hours. Is your business attached to an office or school? Then, just ask for one of our After-Hours specials (cocktails not included).

What happens if grease traps don’t get cleaned?

Grease Trap Cleaning Services Houston and Its Importance

In a word: trouble.

Your restaurant or commercial kitchen is a business, so we understand that one generic word will not do. Since we can’t provide exact figures without knowing very much about your business, we will let you calculate the costs attached to any of the potential mishaps:

  • A completely clogged sink that leaves you unable to drain any water or wash any dishes
  • An oil overflow, which if detected and traced back to you, is an automatic fine
  • A failed health inspection, should the City decide to pop in for a look
  • An odd, pervasive, rancid odor all over your kitchen and dining area
  • A cockroach or salmonella nest

All of these emergencies have two things in common. First, they can all result from inappropriate grease trap cleaning. Second, they can all end up with you having to close your doors for days on end, on very short notice. Instead of endlessly searching on Google, call us now! Contact us at 713-893-1995 to schedule an appointment! We install and clean grease traps all over Houston, Texas.



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